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- B -
Break = The production of the article was temporarily paused by the manufacturer. The date of resumption of production is not known to us.

- C -
CS = Clearance Sale

- D -
Delay = Restock is delayed due to the fact that the manufacturer does not keep up with production.

- O -
OOP = Out of Production

- S -
SE = Special Edition
Stampless = Without logo
​Stopped = Restock temporarily stopped.

- L -
Lab Second = MVP's label for products that have a small manufacturing defect. If we found it, it will be shown in the product description or on the picture.
LE = Limited Edition

- U -
+ Update = In the last 14 days new variants have been added to this article. If you move the mouse over them, the quantity is shown (minus the already sold ones)

- X -
X-Out / Misprint = discs with optical defects which are usually offered at a slightly lower price. These items may have various defects, but these do not affect the flight characteristics. Possible defects are:

  • Stamp is missing, damaged, duplicated or does not match the correct item.
  • Inclusions in the plastic of known and/or unknown nature (got into the material during manufacturing).
  • Scratches or friction marks that are not normal for the plastic anyway (baseline plastics always have scratches and friction marks, for example)
  • Slight deformations
  • Discoloration (e.g. due to storage)

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