Thrownatur Discgolf Shop FAQ's

~~ Thrownatur loyalty program ~~
Current sales / customer group thresholds:

Requirements for Throwbie Bronze:
- In the last 365 days  a turnover of at least 150€,
- In the last 3 years a total turnover of at least 300€
- A total turnover of at least 500€.
- At least 3 orders in the last 12 month

Requirements for Throwbie Silver:
- In the last 365 days  a turnover of at least 250€,
- In the last 730 days a total turnover of at least 500€
- A total turnover of at least 1000€.

Requirements for Throwbie Gold:
- In the last 365 days  a turnover of at least 750€,
- In the last 730 days a turnover of at least 1000€
- A total turnover of at least 3000€.

Important: We reserve the right to suspend the promotion to a premium customer group if a customer increasingly returns or cancels items/orders. Furthermore, we can adjust the classification and sales thresholds at any time.

This is a service we offer to our loyal customers, but there is no general entitlement to it.

We have a few special benefits for our Throwbie customers.

Benefits for the Throwbie Bronze

  • See which item variations will be in stock one day before an item is released. You can add them to the wish list, but not to the shopping cart.
  • access to reserved items for Bronze Throwbies.

Benefits for the Throwbie Silver

  • All benefits for Throwbie Bronze
  • 5% discount on selected items3
  • Access to reserved items for Bronze and Silver Throwbies.

Benefits for the Throwbie Gold

  • All benefits for Throwbie Silver
  • 10% discount on selected items3
  • Access to reserved items for Bronze, Silver and Gold Throwbies.
~~ Thrownatur Shop / Store ~~

We are usually only active in the store in the evening. But this does not cause any disadvantages for the customer. We pack and ship every day from Monday to Saturday (Saturday only DHL). If you send us a request by mail, we answer in 99% of cases within 24h, but usually after a few hours or even minutes.

Self-collection is currently only possible under the following conditions:

  • An order was executed
  • The order is already paid
  • After ordering, a pick-up date was immediately arranged with us by email. Please reply to the order confirmation.
  • The goods are collected from us contactless
Unfortunately, due to time limitations, we are currently unable to offer on-site consultation. Just send us an email with your questions.
The phones are unmanned during the day. Please send us an email, or call us during opening hours in the evening. However, please keep in mind that we do not answer the phone when we are currently talking to customers or packing packages.
We founded the store in September 2013 with the internet address and renamed it to Thrownatur Discgolf about 3 years later. Since then the store website ist We still love the sport and have been able to inspire many great and loyal customers with our offer and service.

Internet Archive:*/thrownatur.deInternet Archive:*/
~~ Order processing ~~

If the order was not delivered, the order will be returned to us with costs.

As stated in the terms and conditions, the return shipping must generally be borne by the customer.
The automatic return shipping within Germany currently costs 4.00€ plus VAT with DHL and 5.50€ plus VAT with DPD.
From abroad the automatic return shipping costs 11€ plus VAT with DPD and 10€ with DHL road return or 20€ with DHL air return.

If the following conditions are met, the customer must pay for the return shipment, as well as the costs for the first and each subsequent delivery attempt.

  • Delivery not possible. E.g. wrong delivery address, wrong or no name on the doorbell / mailbox
  • refusal to accept and failure to provide a timely declaration of revocation
  • automatic return of any kind, which was not caused by us or by the shipping service provider and failure to provide a timely declaration of revocation.


  1. The order was carried out without errors through our store.

  2. When the order has been processed without delays, you will receive the invoice by email with the shipment number. From this point, changes to the order, or the shipment cancellation are only very limited to no longer possible.

  3. You will receive the shipping confirmation as soon as it has been ensured that the orders have definitely been picked up from us. However, between the pickup and the shipping confirmation can be a few hours difference, because we usually only check the pickup in the evening and send shipping confirmations. For you it has the advantage that you then also already receive a working link to the shipment tracking.

  4. In case of any event that impedes or makes impossible the normal processing flow.

If one of the first 3 emails fails to arrive, please contact us immediately. However, please keep in mind that we only send automatically generated emails on Sundays and holidays.

We know that a limitation / restriction of articles per customer is not such a great thing and is not exactly met with approval by many. Especially the customers who actually get one and actually wanted to have more, this bothers them tremendously. But we also have a lot of customers who don't receive any discs of a certain type because we received far too few and there are also some customers who buy ten discs at once.

We therefore ask for your understanding that we have to limit some discs for sale and we also ask for your indulgence if one or the other customer does not receive certain items due to missing, or despite limitation.

If the maximum order quantity is exceeded, we reserve the right not to accept the order or to reduce the order quantity. This happens without consultation.
If we do not offer it explicitly, we can unfortunately not accept pre-orders or reservations. The effort we have to do with it is unfortunately no longer manageable for us. 
~~ Payment / Payment options ~~

Klarna is only available for private customers. If you have filled in the "Company" field or confirmed "Business" with "Yes", all Klarna payment options will be hidden.

~~ Shipping / Pickup ~~
We send the shipping confirmation with the associated tracking link only when we are sure that the orders have been picked up. This is usually checked in the evening. In rare cases, we may not confirm shipment until the following day. Once you have received the invoice from us, you can also check the shipment status manually. The shipment number and the shipping company are included in the invoice.
You have partly the possibility to influence the delivery with the tracking link received from us. If this is not (no longer) possible, the order will be returned to us with costs. All costs incurred from that point on must be borne by the customer - as sorry as we are - including the redelivery. Here, however, the actual costs incurred will be charged.
Picking up your order at the Disc Golf Center (DGC) is available under the following conditions:

1. All orders are shipped together every wednesday to the DGC. So your order must be placed and paid by tuesday 6 pm. Orders placed or paid later will not be shipped until the following wednesday.
2. Order pick-up is only available on saturdays between noon and 4:30 pm. We recommend calling the DGC before your pick-up as we do not have any influence on delayed deliveries.
3. Returns must still be sent to Thrownatur Discgolf located in Reutlingen.
4. Returns or exchanges at the DGC are not possible.
5. Complaints must be adressed to Thrownatur Discgolf.
6. Orders that are sent to the DGC and are not claimed count as "succesfully delivered to the customer". This means, the order is fulfilled and all further costs are in costomers responsibility.
Orders not claimed will be sent back to Thrownatur after 14 days and the shipping fee (5,00 € maximum) will be deducted from your refund.

Link to the Disc Golf Center:
~~ Return / Revocation ~~

The exact procedure for returning the goods is described in the cancellation policy that you received with your order. The short form:

  1. the revocation must be declared in writing within 14 days and before returning the goods. For this purpose, we offer you a convenient form in the customer account / orders. Orders without revocation are not considered revoked and there is no right to a credit.
  2. After you have declared your revocation, you will receive an automatically generated email. This will contain the address to which you will return the goods. The costs for the return shipment are generally to be borne by the customer. Excluded from this rule are warranty claims, here you will receive a return label from us.
  3. please pack the items as you received them. Except for the discs, everything comes in appropriate outer packaging.
  4. after we have received and checked the goods, you will receive your money back immediately, in difficult cases, or if consultation with the manufacturer must be held, the credit may take a little longer. Important: With Klarna, the credit can take several days to weeks, unfortunately we have no influence on it.
~~ Products ~~

With a few exceptions, all the discs that we put in the store are reweighed by us. The scale used for this purpose is regularly checked with a calibrated weight and weighs to 0.1g accuracy.

When weighing the disc, this value is automatically transferred to the store, which virtually excludes an input error by us. Discs that have come into the store in this way are marked with two asterisks (**) after the weight on our sticker.
The weight given by the manufacturer is therefore no longer relevant for us. If you reweigh the disc, you must take into account that your scale may not be calibrated, moreover, a difference of 0.1g, on your scale can already be displayed as +/- 1g.
If there are major discrepancies in the weight, please contact us. Please keep in mind that a difference of 1g has no influence on the target and its flight characteristics.

Fun-Fact: A difference of 1g corresponds to only 0.57% for a 175g target.

We would like to inform you already about the article name whether this article represents something special. However, since the names then become very long, we have decided on abbreviations.

CS = Clearance Sale / clearance sale, total sale
OOP = Out of Production / Is no longer produced
SE = Special Edition
Stampless = Without imprint
LE = Limited Edition

For more information please see our glossary

Currently, there is a kind of "exceptional situation" all over the world. Corona seems to have encouraged many people to jump on the disc golf bandwagon and are buying out the stocks everywhere.
We now receive inquiries almost daily as to when the desired products will be back in stock. Unfortunately we can't give any other answer than: "we don't know". We are in close contact with the manufacturers and check their stock every day to see if we can get hold of something for you.
We are really sorry that so many items are not available at the moment.

This can have several causes: The most common is that the manufacturer has subsequently changed the values. In rare cases we give a different value because the value from the manufacturer does not correspond to the actual value, or in even rarer cases we have made a mistake in the input. Please look directly at the manufacturer's website first, if the information is then different from that in our store, please contact us.

That the film has already been opened is due to the following reasons:

1. the goods have been checked for water and vermin damage by the wholesaler.
2. the goods were checked by us.
3. a customer wanted to see the goods in our showroom without the foil.
4. we have applied an alternative film, because the original film was missing.
5. we put your discs in the backpack to save packing material.

B-goods are always placed in the store as such.

Fingerprints are usually from the colleague who provides the discs with an imprint, or relocates the discs after production. Scratches or friction marks (especially on inexpensive plastics) unfortunately cannot be avoided and often come from transport from the manufacturer to us. If you order a disc or similar from us, you will always receive new goods, unless something different was stated in the description or title.

By the way, if a customer orders a disc and sends it back to us and it shows no signs of having been used, it too will be offered as "New" again.
As far as large orders are concerned, it always depends on how you look at it. Generally it is so that articles which we have in the store, can be ordered also to the offered quantities to the indicated price. However, if you need more of an item than we have in stock, or with your own imprint, please write to us and we will make you an offer.
In most cases we can only offer the items as they are supplied by the manufacturer. In the case of discs, we can only order the weight in rough ranges, the colors are then dependent on what the manufacturer has in stock and sends us. In addition, not all discs are manufactured in all weights and colors.
~~ Offers & Discounts ~~
We are currently testing with selected clubs, the possibility of members to receive a discount with us. If the tests are positive, we will communicate this.

Unfortunately, no. Currently, only regular customers with a defined annual turnover get a fixed discount.

We have different types of offers.
  1. Always on Saturday morning at 00:01 changing offers that run completely automated.
  2. Long-term offers that usually remain the same in price
  3. Offers of articles that we remove from the program (marked in the title with CS or OOP)
~~ Sponsorship, donations and gifts ~~
We are of course happy to receive sponsorship inquiries. However, we are not currently accepting tournament sponsorship requests.
We appreciate your interest in representing us, but currently we are not accepting any more players into our team. However, we have some plans for the future, where we can possibly support each other. When the time comes, we will change this text and we will advertise this action.
The current very bad situation (Corona, extreme supply bottlenecks) unfortunately does not allow any sponsoring, donations or even gifts. We therefore ask for your understanding and that we currently refrain from inquiries in this regard.
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