Important notes for Kaspersky AntiVirus protection and Security Tools users

The standard active protection components "Kaspersky Secure Payments" and "Kaspersky Secure Connection Investigation" violate the security regulations of payment providers such as Paypal and Klarna and should therefore be deactivated.

Payment processing at Thrownatur Discgolf complies with the highest possible encryption standards. This means that the payment and the entry of the data is not carried out in our store but with the corresponding payment provider.

The problem: Kaspersky asks you whether you want to make the payment "securely" and if you confirm this with yes, a new window opens. And it is precisely this window that is technically interpreted by the payment providers and our store as suspected manipulation (phishing) and the payment is not carried out! This is because the system checks which window the data comes from and where it should be sent. If a new window (browser) intervenes, this is assessed as manipulation.

In addition, Kaspersky monitors so-called https connections by default, which is grossly negligent according to security experts

If you have problems with payment via PayPal or Klarna, then:

Deactivate the investigation of secure connections or DO NOT start the secure browser in the payment process and check the box "Remember selection for this website". It is precisely this behavior that causes the payment providers not to establish or cancel the connection.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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