What is the ThrowBox?
The ThrowBox is a Mysterybox in which we throw several random items. Which items exactly, is a secret, and we won't tell you. Below the picture for every box we will give you some hints, to roughly figure out the worth of said box.

Any more questions? Please read the ThrowBox FAQ

ThrowBox - MVP -

The MVP/Axiom ThrowBox contains only discs and other things from MVP, Axiom and Thrownatur

Current content of the 6 disc box:

1x Premium Special Edition
1x Baseline Special Edition

The ThrowBox is not yet full enough :(

ThrowBox - Trilogy -

The Latitude 64° / Dynamic Discs / Westside Discs ThrowBox contains only discs and other items from Latitude 64°, Dynamic Discs, Westside Discs and Thrownatur.

Current content of the 6 disc box:

1x Something small :)
2x First Run, one of them in Premium Plastic

The ThrowBox is not yet full enough :(

ThrowBox - Mixed Misfits -

In the Mixed Misfits ThrowBox are items with cosmetic flaws from different manufacturers

Current content of the box:

1x MVP Driver Disc Fission Plastic
1x MVP Midrange Disc Neutron Plastic
1x MVP Putter Disc Neutron Plastic

The ThrowBox is not yet full enough :(

ThrowBox FAQ

How the box is filled?
In every delivery that we recieve, we get some unusual items. Exactly these items we put into the boxes, and give a little hint.
What items do I get in a ThrowBox?
If the description doesn’t tell you anything else, the box will mainly contain discs. If we find any other nice items, we will put them into the box too.
At what point will a ThrowBox be sold?
When a ThrowBox contains the number of main articles that are listed in the description, the ThrowBox will be sold.
How do you sell a ThrowBox?
There are different ways how a ThrowBox will be sold. Some ThrowBoxes will be sold through the shop, some will be auctioned on our facebook page. Don’t forget to like and subscribe our facebook-page, to get the latest shop updates and never miss a ThrowBox.
What do I do if I don’t like the content of my ThrowBox?
You can sell the items individually, usually you should earn more money then you paid for the ThrowBox.
Will the value of the contained items always exceed the selling price of a ThrowBox?
Unfortunately, the question cannot be answered clearly. On the one hand, of course, it depends on how high you bid at the auction, on the other hand, the value of a thing is seen different by different people. In addition, some items increase in value significantly over time, but can also lose value.
Am I allowed to return the ThrowBox if I don’t like it?
The ThrowBox as a whole is subject to the right of withdrawal. However, you cannot return part of the box. If an item is missing or damaged, you need to keep the ThrowBox.
What should I consider before buying a ThrowBox?
Only order a ThrowBox if you like surprises. We add different items into a ThrowBox which sometimes have a higher and sometimes a lower value.
Can I shoot an unboxing video?
Since no two ThrowBoxes are the same, unboxing videos won't ruin the surprise for othersDon’t forget to tag Thrownatur Discgolf

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